Training: Protocol testing and Automation

Recognizing the importance of L2/L3 protocols, automation and testing tools in protocol testing , Zframez has developed a training method for those who are looking for a career in protocol testing or to improve their skills in networking protocols and technologies.

Depending on the importance of the protocols related to datacom testing, we will be discussing about the algorithm, packet structure, specific rules, data structures, variables, timers, bugs and architecture. Automation training includes TCL, Python and Expect scripting.

Different modules in our training program are:

  • Networking fundamentals

    • In this module we will be discussing about differnet networking technologies, devices like routers, switches, firewalls, wireless Aps etc, TCP/IP stack, OSI model, addressing methods like Ipv4 , Ipv6, MAC, port etc

  • Basic protocols

    • ARP, Ethernet, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SNMP etc are covered in this module. Depending on the importance of the protocols with L2/L3 testing, some of the topics are covered in detail and overview of the others are discussed.

  • Routing and Switching architecture

    • In this module we will be covering different architectures used in routers, switches and multilayer devices

  • Routing protocols

    • RIPV1, RIPv2, OSPF V2, OSPFv3 and BGP are covered in depth in this module. This is one of the core part of our training in which the algorithm, packet structure, different data structers used , timers , specific rules, testing sceanrios, bugs etc about the protcols will be covered.

  • Switching protocols

    • STP, RSTP, MSTP, LACP, VLAN, VTP, .1q, q in q, IGMP snooping etc are covered as part of this module.

  • Ipv6 protocols:

    • IPV6 fundamentals, autoconfiguration, ICMP v6, RIPng, OSPFv3, MP-BGP are included in this module

  • MPLS

    • This module covers the concepts of MPLS forwarding, about Labels and LDP, MPLS VPN and MPLS TE

  • Automation

    • Automation training includes TCL, Python and Expect scripting. Different topics coverd are

    • Variables and Substitutions

    • Loops and control structures

    • Working with string, lists and arrays

    • Procedures and variable scope

    • File handling

    • Advanced regular expressions

    • Libraries and Packages

    • Automation of CLI using cisco devices

    • Test script development using framework

  • Testing concepts and tools

    • Test case and Test plan prepartion, Bug classification and reporting, types of protocol testing, case studies, Traffic generating tools, capturing tools and simulators will be covered as part of this module.


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