Network Protocol Testing: L2 L3,TCP-IP Protocols and TCL Automation

We provide full time corporate training, individual consultation and classroom training for experienced protocol testers and beginners in testing. We work directly with our clients to develop courses or curriculum to meet their specific organizational needs.Clients may select either onsite or offsite delivery options or can choose lab based, instructor led learning programs at our own centers.

Manual testing of network protocols working in Layer2/Layer3 like RIP,OSPF,BGP,STP,RSTP,.1Q etc, Automation of test cases using TCL and Expect, Testing tools training, Testing Lifecycle,Test plan development, Testing Strategies, Types of testing and Bugfiling are the major topics covered in the training. Details of the training topics are given below.

Advantages of training in Zframez:
  • Skill Set analysis and customized curriculum
  • Boot Camp for TCP/IP, Routing and Switching
  • Packet level training by experienced Industry experts
  • Real time analysis of protocols in lab
  • Technical seminars by Industry experts
  • Remote lab access
  • Flexible timings for working professionals
Protocol Testing Training Topics:
  • Basics Of Networking:

·         OSI/TCP-IP layers

·         Networking Topologies

·         Networking Devices ,their functions & practical uses

·         Data flow models

·         Protocols & Standards

·         IP addressing & sub-netting

·         Ethernet cabling


  • Application and Transport Layer Protocols:

·         HTTP

·         FTP

·         Telnet

·         DNS

·         DHCP

·         TCP

·         UDP



  • L2 Protocols and Technologies:

·         Switching Architecture

·         ARP

·         Vlan

·         STP

·         RSTP

·         MSTP

·         .1Q

·         QinQ



  • L3 Protocols and Technologies:

·        Router Architecture

·        IP headers & working

·        ICMP

·        RIP V1

·        RIP V2.

·        OSPF

·        BGP

·        IGRP,EIGRP

·        Redistribution


·         Protocol Testing:

·         Testing Lifecycle

·         Testing types

·         Test plan Development

·         Testing Tools

·         Manual Testing

·         Bug lifecycle

·         Bug filing

·         Bug tracking tools

·         Automation of test cases




·        Automation:

·         TCL fundamentals

·         Substitutions

·         Loops and control structures

·         Working with string, lists and arrays

·         Procedures and variable scope

·         File handling

·         Advanced regular expressions

·         Expect

·         Libraries and Packages

·         Automation of test cases using Cisco routers as DUT



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